Holistic wellness for everyone 

At O2Holistic, our goal is to give everyone access to natural wellness products that encourage healthy living.


About O2Holistic

O2Holistic was created to help those seeking wellness relief navigate the vast number of CBD products available today. Choosing the right product can be tasking, that is, if you even know where to start. We take the hard work out of your wellness routine by providing the best CBD products in one convenient location. O2Holistic is focused on providing safe, high-quality products for consumers seeking relief through alternative medicines. 

O2Holistic is proud to feature Wana Wellness products, including their popular vegan, gluten-free and all-natural Hemp Gummies and their Fast-Acting Hemp Tinctures, featuring nanotechnology for faster onset. Both are created with premium broad-spectrum hemp oil containing naturally occurring CBD and essential terpenes.


O2Holistic was created by Dana E. Shoched to help those seeking wellness relief from the growing number of high-quality CBD products available today. A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Shoched founded leading cannabis vaping manufacturer O2VAPE out of her garage in 2013 and has guided the company to phenomenal growth. Creators of the patented Flip Ultra pen, O2VAPE is committed to providing the safest, leading-edge technology for recreational and medical cannabis consumers and patients.

Prior to creating O2VAPE, Shoched held numerous roles in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and sales in the private sector. A pioneer for woman-owned businesses in the cannabis industry, Shoched is also a tireless supporter of veteran’s healthcare needs.

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